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Oleo Chemicals

In oleo chemical hydrogenation, even a small gain in efficiency can yield dramatic results. a high quality catalyst that gives consistent results time and time again, can help you achieve that gain in efficiency.


Description : Refiend palmolein is derived from paim oil Palmolein, the liquid, more unsatura fraction separated from palm oil, after crytallization by winterization at a controlled temperature, The olein consists of more homogeneous mixture of triglycerides and has properties and uses, which are different from original plam oil.Refined palmolein is a transparent, clear, low in clour, bland taste & odour and passes the international cold test.
Application: Refined palmolein is the best for human consumption best as a cooking oil, salad oil and frying media with high keeping quality of fried products. Refined palmolein can be used for making vanaspati, various bakery shortening. It can be used for blending with refined soyabean oil, refined groundnut oil, refined sunflower oil and can be sold as cheaper commodity 'Blended Vegatable Cooking Oil in the packed form. Refined palmolein can be used in the food products industries.


Description : Refined Soybean Oil is Micro refined; using sophisticated imported centrifugal separators with multinational technology. Refined Soybean Oil is clear, transparent and has a water like color with bland taste and odour. Refined Soyabean Oil keeps the heart healthy as it is 85% saturated fat free. Refined Soyabean Oil contains more than 60% PUFA (Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids), useful for health, in order to maintain the level of cholesterol(LDC). Refined Soyabean Oil is unique in containing wide variety of sterols and triterpenes, which are in natural form. Nutritional Functions: Refined Soyabean Oil is used as a Cooking as well as Salad oil, since it is free from Cholesterol, low in Saturated Fat and rich in natural Tocopherol(Vitamin-E). Refined Soyabean Oil can be used for making food products.
Nutritional Functions : Alfa Tocopherol content in Refined Soyabean Oil, is active in Improving Immunity, Controlling Ageing, Cardiovascular Diseases and also finds use in Cancer treatment. Being a semi-drying oil, Refined Soyabean Oil is used in Surface Coating Industries such as Paints, Varnishes, Printing Ink and related products. Refined Soyabean Oil can also be used for making Allryd Resins, Core Oils and Blown Oils, used in metal foundries for making moulds and patterns. Refined Soyabean Oil can be used for making Plasticizers and Epoxydised Oils, to maintain the plasticity of PVC and as a stabilizer for increasing the stability in PVC and Pesticides.


Description : Soya Lecithin manufactured is a complex mixture of acetone insoluble phosphatides, which consist mainly of phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine (PE), phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidylinositol (PI), combined with various amounts of substances such as triglycerides, fatty acids, and carbohydrates as separated from the crude vegetable oil source. The word Lecithin is derived from the Greek term lekithos — X£Kle0c" meaning egg yolk. Our Soya Lecithin is made from fresh gums, during de-gumming of Soyabean Oil obtained from Non-GMO Soyabean seeds.
Applications : Lecithin is used in a wide variety of food and non-food products relying on the unique surface-active properties of phospholipids. It disperses readily in oil & forms hydrates/emulsions in water. Used in Non-Dairy Creams, Whole Milk Powders, Meat Sauces and Gravies, Margarine, Shortening, Ice Creams, Candy Based Products, Macaroni, Noodles, Salad Oil, Edible Fat and Oils, Spice Oleoresins, Medical, Dietary, Instant Foods etc. Used as emulsifiers, wetting and dispersion agents especially in milk replacers, extrusion adjuvant especially in feed pellets for fish farming, release agents and antioxidants.


Description : Our fatty acids are made entirely from natural oils and fats derived from renewable raw materials such as coconuts, oil palms, sunflower seeds, rapeseed and tallow. Product suites, Our extensive portfolio has the ability to meet special customer specifications and requirements.
Industries in which our natural-based chemicals can be found in:

•   Coatings & Adhesives Cosmetics Food & Nutrition

•   Home & Personal Care

•   Pharmaceutical

•   Plastics & Rubber