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Blown Castor Oil :

Blown or oxidized castor oil is prepared by blowing air or oxygen into it at temperatures of 80 - 130°C, with or without catalyst to obtain oils of varying viscosity. The process is called oxidative polymerization. This increases the viscosity and specific gravity of the oil.


Property Values
Appearance Pale golden yellow color, Viscous, Clear Liquid
Viscosity on Brookfield @250C (Poise) 10-250 poise (as per buyer requirement)
Acid Value (mg KOH/gm) 5-25
Iodine Value (Wijs) (g12/100 g) 60-80
Saponification Value (mg KOH/gm) 190-230
Specific Gravity @300 C (gm/ml) 0.98-1.02
Hydroxyl Value (mgKOH/gm) 130-150

End Application

Adhesives, Coatings and Sealants Chemicals, Food and Beverage Chemicals - Sweeteners - Acidulants - Emulsifiers, Personal Care - Cosmetic Ingredients - Green Chemicals

Packging Details

200 kg MS Drums