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Grinding Machineries :
Basket Mill:

Impeller absorbs material in high-speed Scattered disc rotates within high speed in order to make the effect of dispersing, mixing and circulating Absorbing material, grinding and the efficient circulating occurs.
The characteristic of the Basket Mill Integrate Dispersing and Grinding in one machine. Two working procedures realize by one machine and one tank. Excellent grinding result, high productivity, little residue, Easy to clean and to change color.

Horizontal sand mill (New Disc Type):

Grinding efficiency depends on the structure of dispersion disc. Compared with similar products, the structure of our dispersion disc is designed to contact more with zirconla beads, producing larger force and achieving better effect. This series is superior in sealing and safety performance to other disc sand mills.

Pin Type - Horizontal Sand mill:

The agitator shaft activates the grinding media with high intensity through the whole grinding chamber. The highly efficient devices are suitable for product separation and grinding media, which ensures that the mill also has the capability of operating high viscous materials.