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Horizontal sand mill (New Disc Type):

  • High efficiency, strong operability.
  • Grinding efficiency depends on the structure of dispersion disc. Compared with similar products, the structure of our dispersion disc is designed to contact more with zirconla beads, producing larger force and achieving better effect.
  • This series is superior in sealing and safety performance to other disc sand mills.
  • Clearance between disc and chamber is 15mm. After the mill has been used for a period of time, if the contact part between disc and chamber gets worn, adjust the position of dispersion disc or cut off a small portion of dispersion disc rim to prolong the service life of chamber.
  • The shell and end face are equipped with cooling system; the end face with cooling system can cool materials.
  • With pressure protection, it can be adjusted according to material viscosity.
  • Imported zirconla beads ensure excellent grinding effect.

Technical Specifications

Model Power Rotation Speed Chamber Volume Processing Capacity Dimensions
SWS-20 18.5kW 900r/min 20L 150-300kg/h 1420X650X1400mm
SWS-30 22kW 900r/min 28L 250-450kg/h 2000X1070X1450mm
SWS-50 45kW 850r/min 48L 300-600kg/h 2100X1450X1650mm
SWS-80 45kW 700r/min 80L 600-1200kg/h 2000X800X1800mm
SWS-120 90kW 650r/min 118L 1000-2000kg/h 2100X2200X1000mm

End Application

Dispersing and Grinding.

Delivery Time

Immediate - All in ready stock