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Titanium Dioxide :


Titanium dioxide 813 is a highly treated Rutile pigment produced by the chloride process. It is surface treated with alumina and silica. It has highest dry hiding properties. Titanium dioxide 813 has the highest durability in exterior weathering and has excellent dispersibility.

Technical Specification

Property Values
Titanium Dioxide % 80
Rutile Content % 99+
Specific Gravity 4.1
Bulk Density 0.55 g/cc
Treatment al, si
Oil Absorption (g/100g) <19
pH Value 6.0-8.5
Volatile Matter at 110°c (%) 1.25
Average Particle size (microns) 0.30-0.40
Chalk Resistance high
Grit(325 mesh) % 0.004
ISO 591 clause r3

End Application

Titanium dioxide 813 can be used in both interior and exterior low gloss and flat paints and coatings; both solvent and water based. It finds applications in interior flat wall paints, exterior low gloss or flat chemical coatings etc. Titanium dioxide 813 can be described as universal pigment for all coatings formulated at higher percentage pigment volume concentrations.

Packging Details

25 K.G. Bags