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Zeolex 323 Sodium Alumino Silicate Precipitated :


Zeolex 323 Sodium Aluminosilicate can be used in many transparent or translucent media, such as plastic, paint, glaze, ink, glass, printing slurry etc. to produce luminous products with the good indicating and beautifying effect in darkness. It consists of zeolites that act as catalysts by absorbing small molecules in their interior cavities and holding them in proximity, so that reaction among them occurs sooner.

Technical Specification

Form White Powder
Average Particle Size (d50) - microns 4
Heating loss, 2hr/105°C, max as packaged Max 6.0
pH, 20% 6.5 9.8 7.510.6
Oil Absorption CC/100 gms 80100 - 100120
Sieve Residue, #325 mesh (%max) 0.2
Na2SO4, % max. 2.0

Packging Details

Multilayered paper bag, 20 kg net